• Pastor Jeff Bean

What a Difference a Day Makes

The cross of Christ and his triumphant resurrection changed the world forever. No longer would there be a ‘veil’ between God and man. Access to God whether for prayer or forgiveness had changed for all eternity and the doorway to heaven through the blood of Christ was wide open for those who would trust and believe on his name.

However, on the day of Pentecost which occurred 50 days after the crucifixion, the Holy Spirit arrived upon earth in a new and glorious way. Upon the Spirit’s arrival the somewhat confused and timid apostles would no longer fear persecution. Instead they would boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Christian movement would quickly gain strength. Thousands were saved in the first few months after Pentecost and the Christian church would begin to take shape.

Over the next few weeks, I will be preaching from the book of Acts. We will explore the effects of the Spirit’s arrival and the resultant growth of the apostle’s ministry and the formation of the New Testament Church. What a difference a day made!

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